Why you should do it!


When considering making an investment for your home solar, there are several key components to consider. The electric usage amount, when your electricity is used. On peak hours of electrical use, they are charged to you at a different price then off usage hours. You may in the upcoming years either have more or less people staying in your household. Your roof type, roof space, and even possibly roof usage (such as getting a hot water solar system for your home, or solar panels for your pool, etc…) should all be either factored or contemplated when finally deciding on your path for home solar.

Your solar proposal will contain things such as your savings each year/each month/ (you can move the sliders with your mouse to see the continued benefit). You can see the progression of the future designed electric utility costs, the tax credits, the estimated time of engineering and assessments, completion for permits, the installation  job, and certificate of completion to meet all standards. This includes wind load standards, for the highest in quality and service, all structured at a low price, and saving you plenty of money.

We provide to you, beginning to end solar products and installation services, with low rate/easy approval financing options. You will now reduce your energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions, all while staying consistent in your improvement of the environment.


DuPont Solar

 We saw the need to just put solar panels on the roofs of our commercial buildings and houses, we soon realized the need and the benefit for other commercial businesses, to also save massive amounts of energy, with virtually a zero  dollar electric bill.

While not so often required,  we also take responsibility for any needed maintenance they might need.

While customer satisfaction is our priority, reassurance is also included. We stand behind our products, and the work that we perform. That is why we offer tremendous guarantees and warranties. Listed  below are just some of our backings, subject to, and included in our agreements.

- 25 year limited power output warranty on solar panels

- 25 year limited warranty on micro-inverters

- 25 year limited warranty on optimizers

- 25 year limited warranty on racking system

- 25 year warranty on car ports

- 10 year warranty on solar hot water products


The Environment

We certainly know that the vast majority of our clients go solar for its financial advantages. The average ($1,000 monthly bill) commercial off-set of going solar, reduces approximately 1,800,000lbs of carbon dioxide over a 25 year period. This is equivalent of driving 15 cars well over 100,000 miles. Surely as carbon fuels eventually becomes more scarce, we are delighted to see and share being a part of with our clients, an improving eco-friendly path to help our planet.

We take pride in handling everything right, from start to finish. In the rare event that something doesn’t go right, we work diligently to make it right.


Your Super Smart Investment

In businesses such as Nursing homes, laundromats, restaurants, motels, hotels, car washes, etc..  it is not uncommon to have 30%, 40% or more, of your electric bill, come from hot water.

If you own your own building, instead of renting, which would you rather have for your energy bill. Owning your energy or renting your energy, for your hot water portion of your electric bill?

Becoming energy independent, while energy bills continue to increase.

Tax credits, tax incentives and deductions, and even local utility rebates may sometimes be applied to further your benefit.

Many solar hot water systems pay for themselves ROI/Return of Investment in just a few years.

Solar hot water products are frequently designed to last 25 years and longer.

You can be confident that this will also increase the value of your building, for when you decide to sell it.


Solar hot water

Solar hot water is designed to give your business a tremendous advantage on your hot water/energy bill.  All year long, with a miniscule amount of energy, our products are designed to have your water hotter and last longer. Hot water solar is the most efficient way to get hot water for your business. It’s now possible to add our solar hot water product, or just submitting our solar hot water product standing alone, to benefit from the Federal Tax credit.

PACE – Florida Legislation

Florida’s recently elected statute 163.08, provides local governments the legal right to use non ad volarem taxes/special assessments to finance home improvements to real property, for those that energy qualify, which is named PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing). The owner of the real property may finance these improvements, if they live in  a PACE eligible community (usually the City or County votes on it) and is completely voluntary, and is available upon an application and written consent, of only those interested property owners that apply. Only do business with a PACE approved vendor. Get your questions answered, in advance. Call us today.

Approved qualifying Improvements for PACE include home solar. Home solar falls under the classification of energy conservation, efficiency enhancements, renewable energy enhancements, wind resistance enhancements for homes located within locally approved boundaries. The loan is simply and easily repaid, either as being factored into your monthly mortgage payments through your mortgage lender (mortgage lenders simply re-amortize your loan and add it for you, and they pay your property taxes), or you can pay 1 time each year (once annually) in your agreed amount installments, over the period of so many years – typically anywhere up to 25 or 30 years (although, the # of years cannot exceed the warrantied/determined life of the improvements/as determined as “usual”, by PACE).